Here are a few examples of scripts I've written over the past two years. 


Val (Short Film)

Co-written with Victor Mellors and currently in pre-production.

When Terry’s wife Val succumbs to a strange disease which turns her into a chicken, the retiree goes on a road-trip to save her and avoid the same mysterious fate.

Wode (Short Film)

Shot in 2019 and completed in 2020, this short is currently on the festival circuit.

When Chris' schizophrenic father claims to have killed a man, he must consider if he’s willing to become a criminal to protect his family.

The Thin Green Line (TV Pilot)

30 minute drama series, soon to be submitted to the BBC Writer's Room.

When PC Charlotte Sharpe joins an underground cannabis community to find a treatment for her epileptic son, she has no idea they’re under investigation by an ambitious detective – her husband.  


Tidal Wave

An early, short version of this play won the Barking & Dagenham Pen to Print award in 2019.

Miriam rebels against her money-obsessed parents by joining a fringe environmental activist group, but as her tactics become increasingly extreme both friends and family worry how far she will go.

Which Version

A short play performed in 2019 at the prestigious Theatre503 in Battersea.

X convinces her brother Y to help her act out the painful memory of their father leaving them in an attempt to change it.

Love Stings

A short comedy play performed in 2019 at the ‘Scratching the Surface’ scratch night in Walthamstow.

When a closeted bisexual man visits a sexual health clinic with his overbearing mum, he’s horrified to bump into his ex-boyfriend.