Val (TBC)

When Terry’s wife Val succumbs to a strange disease which turns her into a chicken, the retiree goes on a road-trip to save her and avoid the same mysterious fate.

Directed by - Tom and Victor Mellors

Written by - Tom and Victor Mellors
Producer - Samantha Gruskin
Executive Producers - Tom and Victor Mellors

Cast - TBC

Director of Photography - TBC
ey Freestone

Val is currently in pre-production.

Wode (2021)

When Chris' schizophrenic father claims to have killed a man, he must consider if he’s
willing to become a criminal to protect his family.

Writer / Director - Tom Mellors
Producers - Katie Stevens and Tom Mellors
Executive Producer - Victor Mellors

Chris - Victor Mellors
Jacob - Robin Ingram
Jo - Claudia Carroll
Charlotte - Erin Bullock

Director of Photography - Oliver Ledwith
ey Freestone

Wode is currently being submitted to film festivals but feel free to watch the trailers below.